About Us


Venugram Hospital is a 100 bed multi-specialty Hospital set up in south Belagavi. The hospital is owned by the Venugram Hospitals (Belgaum) Private Limited, a company registered under Companies Act 1956. VHPL was established in 2013 by the founder directors with a vision to start a hospital in the southern part of Belagavi city where there was a dire need of a multi-specialty setup.  Thus, the idea of Venugram Hospital was born.

As most of the directors are from in and around Belagavi city, they intended the hospital to connect with the very identity of the city and its people.  Belagavi has a rich history through centuries and used to be known for its bamboo trees. The sanskrit term for bamboo being “venu” and “grama” meaning village,  the ancient name for Belagavi was Venugrama. The name Venugram Hospital imbibes the native affinity and belonging to the people of Belagavi.


“To provide comprehensive preventive and curative medical service with dedication, competence and compassion”.


“Our vision is to achieve the status of “most preferred medical centre” in terms of overall patient satisfaction “.


Dr. Shreepati Pise


Dr. Ramesh Deshpande

Managing Director

Dr. Abhinandan Hanji


Dr. Gomatesh Kusnale


Dr. Sayak Dana

Director -Administration

Board of Directors

Dr. Shreepati Pise

Dr. Ramesh Deshpande

Dr. Abhinandan Hanji

Dr. Gomatesh Kusnale

Dr. Sayak Dana

Dr. Chaitanya D. Kulkarni

Dr. Arun Byakodi

Dr. Pramila Koli

Dr. Sheetal Ambar

Dr. Chaitanya Khemlapure

Dr. Pradeep Karlatti

Dr. Mahesh Lokhande

Dr. Sumitkumar Durgogi

Dr. Reeba Dana

Dr. Varsha Deshpande

Mrs. Shweta Pise

Dr. Vijaykumar Shinde

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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